Target Princeton, in Nassau Park Pavilion, just got a whole lot more appealing to Starbucks fans, with the opening of a new coffee shop inside the store. Progress.

I stopped by Target yesterday afternoon (Monday, May 10th)...yes, I'm obsessed with Target...and was happy to see that Starbucks was finally open, running, and smelled fantastic. Exciting. Sipping and shopping sounds perfect, doesn't it? The new Customer Service Department is also finished and taking customers. There are necessities now available at the counter for your convenience, like gift cards, batteries, phone chargers, snacks, and more. Both are inside the front door, to the right.

The new Starbucks is where the old café was, and the Customer Service counter is in the same spot. You can't miss them. I also noticed that some of the registers from the middle have been removed, I believe making room for more self checkout stations, and the cosmetics area is much more open, bright, and well lit, to highlight all of the products.

A full remodel of the store began back in March (I'm sure you've noticed all the trailers in the parking lot, between Target and Panera Bread), with a completion date of sometime this summer, according to the store employees I chatted with. It definitely seems to be moving along.

The remodel was supposed to happen in Spring 2020, but, we all know what happened...the world shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Better late than never.

If you've ever been in the East Windsor Target, this newly remodeled Target will look very similar. Can't wait until it's completed.

Frapp, anyone?

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