I’m sure all of us can agree when I say that when Halloween is over, we jump right into Christmas mode (sorry Thanksgiving). Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, getting into any holiday season comes with excitement and joy from having time off from school/work to spending quality time with your friends and family. Luckily for coffee lovers, USA Today released the news that Starbucks is bringing the holiday season early to consumers with their new holiday themed cups that are being launched on Friday.

With many traditions put to a halt due to the coronavirus, Starbucks isn’t stopping their annual tradition of holiday themed cups that come in a variety of patterns.

The Ribbon design is a green cup filled with green ribbons tying around the cup that say “carry the merry” on it, with some cute multicolor polka dots to top it off. The Sparkle design is a red cup with green diamonds and other sparkle graphics that surround the Starbucks logo. The Dot design has multiple different graphics wrapping around the cup such as stripes, sparkles, Christmas trees and snowflakes that come in an array of green and red colors. Lastly the Brand Wrap design has multiple colors wrapping around the cup that enlarge the word “Starbucks” around it.

To put the cherry on top for this holiday season, USA Today said that Starbucks is giving a free collectible red holiday cup to any customer who orders one of the seasonal holiday drinks on Nov. 6. Don’t miss out on the fun and get your holiday cup to get into the holiday cheer!


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