Good news Philly! Well...good for the kids but not so much for the parents. Public schools could be starting later next year. The school board committee might be pushing the first day until after Labor Day!!

So remember, school started on August 27th this year. A whole week before Labor day. But also remember how there was a crazy heat wave and some schools had to let the kids go home early due to broken air conditioners?

Well part of the argument that was presented to the school board was that the hottest day of the year was during that week, and even though no one can control the weather, they should push the start date back just for precautions.

However, the officials say the weather wasn't the determining factor. They emailed out a survey to employees and 6,000 responded saying they should reevaluate the school district's start date.

So I guess we'll see what they decide!


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