What a group of dads in Shreveport Louisiana is doing to help prevent violence in the schools is amazing, and it is something that the Philadelphia school district needs.

A group of about 40 dads has decided to form a group called 'Dads on Duty.' The goal of this group is to help minimize the amount of violence that occurs in the hallways. In just three days, there were 23 arrests at  Southwood High School in Shreveport last month. This sparked the dads of some of the students to rally together and come up with a solution to the problem.

So now every day, the dads take turns patrolling the hallways and keeping an eye out for any mischievous behavior among the kids. According to the NY Post, their job is to keep the peace and to keep the students safe. Someone has to do it. And who better than the kids' own dads?

I love this idea and think this should be a nationwide initiative, especially in Philly. Kids are scared as hell to go to school in Philly. According to ABC News, students are afraid of gun violence in the streets and the hallways as well. Did you know that last year nine students at Simon Gratz High School were shot to death? It's nearly impossible to think about the future and one's goals when you have to watch your back during math class.

"The PTSD from the kids ... a lot of kids are refusing to go to school. I am seeing a lot of crisis calls and getting a lot of calls from students who are losing their friends left and right," Philly therapist Akea Williams said to ABC News.

Dads On Duty won't singlehandedly fix Philly's violence problem. But maybe it can help. If anyone can get these kids in line, it's their own fathers.


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