The city of Philadelphia has been filthy for quite some time now. At no fault to anyone, the streets have been overflowing with trash since the pandemic took over our country. The streets department have publicly stated that the lack of employees and resources have made it hard to get the job done as quickly as usual. So as a result, residents essentially have been living in junkyards for months.

It breaks my heart that the school yards in Philly are no different. After over a year of virtual learning, Philly schools welcomed students back on campus...and they were welcomed with an unpleasant sight.

According to Chalkbeat, there have been reports of parents from multiple schools in the Philadelphia School Districts complaining about all the litter, trash bags and garbage outside. They say the schoolyard smells of mildew, bags filled with garbage are spilling out of the bins, and it's like the staff are blind to it. According to Chalkbeat, John Marshall Elementary School, Allen M. Stearne School, and John H. Webster School are just three of the many schools with the same problem.

I even did a  little investigating myself to see how accurate the claims are, and had my friend who lives in Philly ride by some of the schools. And they were in fact, just as described by people on social media.

School is supposed to be an inviting place where the environment simulates kids to want to learn.

Would you want to go to a place every single day that reeks of trash, and you have to step over cardboard just to get to the front door?


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