It's not often you see a major grocery store close its doors for good, but, just got word from The Patch that the Stop & Shop in Dayton will close on February 24th.

I'm sure the store's regular customers are very disappointed. The reason for the closure? It sounds like sales were down.

The article quoted a Stop & Shop representative saying, "After a detailed review of the operating performance of our stores, we have made the difficult decision to not renew our lease at our store located at 24 Summerfield Blvd in Dayton, NJ. All store and pharmacy associates will have the opportunity to transfer to other area Stop & Shop locations."

Phew. That's good news. I immediately thought about all the people losing their jobs. I'm happy they're able to transfer.

There are other NJ Stop & Shop locations nearby in Pennington (Denow Road & Route 31), Franklin Park (Route 27), Monroe (Perrineville Road), Flemington (Route 31).

Traditional grocery stores have more competition now with big retailers like Walmart selling food at lower prices, and Amazon delivering groceries right to your door.

No word on whether or not there will be "going out of business" sales, but, there's a good chance there will on the lookout and get ready to stock up.

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