It's already that time of the year where high school seniors are applying to colleges and applying for scholarships.

High school seniors in Bensalem Township can apply for the Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo Scholarship Foundation award. I'm totally into it because, believe it or not I received this same scholarship in Boston back in my day.

College bills can be super pricey, so every penny that you can save counts. Trust me, you'll thank all of your scholarships when those student loan bills start rolling in. I'm living proof!

It's pretty easy to apply. According to, students just need to fill out the application which asks for some academic and financial information, their plans for college, as well as a 500-word essay explaining why they think they should get the scholarship.

That sounds pretty easy, right? 500 words is not a lot compared to the lengthy essays these seniors will be writing throughout their college years.

This is definitely a great opportunity for local students to get a scholarship award under their belt.

The award will be given to 5 students, and each will receive a $2000 award.

Students can apply before the April 17th deadline.

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