Labor Day has come and gone, leaves are breaking free of trees at an alarming rate and it seems like every coffee shop you walk into has an abundance of pumpkin-flavored items to choose from.

Summer is all but dead, RIP.

But wait! This is not the time to mourn, not yet at least.

Local summer is in full effect down the shore now in Jersey. You don't have to pay to get on the beach now and September is full of quality beach days since the weather is usually (and has been pretty good so far apart from storms, fingers crossed) pretty nice till towards the end of the month.

In my humble opinion, transitional weather like this is incomparable. It's still warm out, but you can throw in a sweatshirt to your outfit choices as well or wear jeans. Plus, you don't have to worry about overheating the second you walk outside.

It's a win-win.

But enough of all that. The best thing to do to squeeze out every last drop of summer that is left in Jersey or Philly is to see a concert. I was at the Stone Pony this past weekend for the summer stage and let me tell you, it still very much felt like summer there to me. A summer concert is unlike anything else musically, ESPECIALLY if it takes place outside.

Being out in the elements, having a cold adult beverage, AND being entertained by music? What could be better?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There are plenty of shows going on in the surrounding areas throughout the end of September. So take a look, get your tickets, and go soak up the last bits of summer while you still can. It's supposed to be a cold winter, so you deserve this.

Philly and Jersey concerts to close out summer

Just because Labor Day has passed and you hear kids screaming on the playground at school again doesn't mean that summer is dead – yet. Here are some concerts still happening (some of which are outside!) in Jersey and Philly through the end of September you can go to and send summer off the right way. Then we'll go hibernate for a few months.

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