According to multiple media outlets, Ben Simmons has returned to Philadelphia. He arrived last night and took a COVID-19 test, which is required by the NBA.

The organization and head Coach Doc Rivers, are very happy to have him back and are hoping to get him on the court as soon as he is cleared to do so.

Some fans are excited to see that Ben has returned to the City of Brotherly love, some not so much.

There had been speculation that Ben might not be returning to the team this year, then Ben did not show up to the Philadelphia 76ers' training camp in September. Fans, coaches, teammates and media outlets were pretty disappointed.

Ben Simmons' agent spoke out during the offseason and said that Ben did in fact want to be traded and did not want to return to the 76ers. His agent claimed Ben was mentally exhausted.

After not showing up for training camp, he was fined thousands of dollars by the Philadelphia 76ers and according to a source, he did not expect the fines to be so high.

My question is, if he does return to Philly where is he going to live? He just put his gorgeous home in Center City up for sale for $3.1 million last week. Did he take it off the market?

There is still a possibility that Ben could be traded to another team, which is essentially what he wanted, however, he could still spend another season in Philly.

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