Would you try Sweet Potato ice cream?

Scoop shop The Bent Spoon in Princeton has unveiled the unique flavor this past weekend as a celebration of the Thanksgiving season. The local hot-spot notes on their Instagram account that the ice cream is made from local sweet potatoes with pieces of pecans that have been candied in-house mixed in. They call it "#farmtospoon."

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Though the weather has changed quickly, it's never too cold for ice cream, and the shop tends to have a line snaking out the door no matter the temperature. According to their Twitter account, the Sweet Potato Pecan ice cream joins The Bent Spoon's other artisan flavors currently being served, including roasted pumpkin, brown sugar & clove, buttermilk hibiscus raspberry ice milk, kiwi berry sorbet, bartlett pear sorbet, bourbon butternut, baked local apple, and wild turkey caramel.

Sounds like a Thanksgiving feast to me.

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