Have you ever said that the tortilla chips Takis are very addicting? I have said that many times. There are times that you just want a few but end up eating the whole bag in one sitting.

Now you can have Takis on a bagel.

Trust us it looks good.

On the Bagel Nook Instagram page, we found that the bagel shop recently introduced the Takis bagel. Oh! My! God! It looks SPICY! It does look good though.

The bagel that was shown on the Bagel Nook Instagram page shows a pictures that looks as if the bagel was dipped into a pool of Takis chips crumbs.

To make it even better for Takis lovers, the Bagel Nook showed multiple Takis bagels and one looks like the perfect late-night snack. It has the Takis crumbs bagel with cream cheese and actual Takis chips in the middle. YUM!

In the comment section of the Takis bagel Instagram post, many Bagel Nook fans were commenting a lot of flame emojis and can't blame them because that bagel probably is fire. There was this Bagel Nook fan that said "Would’ve never guessed! Great new flavor!!!" We have to agree that is something that we would've never thought Bagel Nook would create.

I guess we should always expect the unexpected with the Bagel Nook.

I have never been to the Bagel Nook but I guess I may have a reason to go. Bagel Nook has locations in Princeton and Freehold and also does nationwide shipping.

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