Zack Snyder, who has directed movies like 300, Wonder Woman and Man of Steel has a movie hitting Netflix soon that has ties to New Jersey. The movie, Army of The Dead, which is as you can sorta tell already from the title and pictures, is a zombie movie. The movie is filmed mostly in Las Vegas, but some of it was filmed at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The Showboat closed in 2014, so directors probably thought the abandoned building was the perfect place to film a zombie apocalypse movie. I'm sure with shooting the movie at the Showboat, they didn't have to deal with crowds or any other obstacles that come with filming a movie in a popular place.

We first heard that this movie was going to be filmed in Atlantic City in 2019, from multiple media outlets including Press of Atlantic City who first broke the exciting news.

Check out the teaser trailer for Army of Dead below. It stars Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy. The full movie will hit Netflix on May 21st.


I love when movies and tv shows are filmed right here in the Garden State. We should be proud big production companies want to come and film their tv shows and movies here. We have a beautiful state, although some may not agree, I think we do. We have beaches, lots of farmland and of course, areas like Atlantic City that are world famous. I'm not sure if this zombie movie is supposed to really serious, or have some humor in it. I'm not into bloody movies, but I feel like because it was filmed partially in New Jersey, I have to watch it on May 21st.

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