The quote 'the doctor will see you now" just got a whole lot scarier after reading on that "Terror Behind the Walls" is making their "Infirmary" attraction even scarier this year.

I'm big fan of Halloween and scary attractions, but I have yet to go to 'Terror Behind the Walls' in Philly. It sounds amazing and scary all at the same time. What makes "Terror Behind the Walls" terrifying is the fact that it's a 197-year-old prison, Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Fairmount that's been turned into a Halloween mega attraction in the local area.

This year, they're upgrading the screams in their "Infirmary," and they're taking the horror hospital theme up a notch. Their Instagram post is warning that "maniacal nurses and doctors are sharpening their scalpels for some unnatural operations." By the sound of it, they're dying to welcome new patients this Halloween season!

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