Let's get down to some serious business here. What's the correct way to say the word, "Pecan?" You know, like a Pecan Pie.

No doubt this has come up at Thanksgiving before, after you've stuffed yourself with turkey and stuffing, and dessert is served. There are those that pronounce it "Pee -can" and others that say, "Pee-kihn," and both groups insist they are absolutely correct. Lol.

Pecan Pie

My family is split. My husband and my daughter say "Pee-can," while my son and I say "Pi-khan." When I mentioned this debate to my on-air Crew, Joe said I sounded snobby when I said "Pee-can." What??? How dare he...so not true. Lol. I have to admit though, it does sound a little more sophisticated. Lol. I asked a friend about this debate and she said while laughing, "Who cares, I just eat it."

I wonder if it's a regional thing. I'm from Central Jersey (yes, it really is a thing. lol), but, maybe those from North and South Jersey say it differently.

I have to admit, I don't even like Pecan Pie, but, I love to debate its name. You're going to think I'm even weirder when I tell you I don't really like pumpkin pie either...it has a weird texture.

I much prefer a warm apple pie, or better yet, a warm caramel apple crumb pie...oh yum. Throw in cookies and cream pie, and that's the perfect Thanksgiving dessert, although the little pilgrim hats that my mom makes out of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies are pretty cool too.

So, where do you stand on the "Pecan" debate?

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