Well it looks like the $2,020 tip challenge has morphed into the $2,021 challenge. The trend of tipping restaurant servers $2,020 (like the year) came about last year during the coronavirus pandemic where those in the food industry really took a hit financially. The challenge gained traction when celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg participated. Now that it's a new year, the challenge has shifted its focus to local businesses. According to People, the $2,020 tip challenge is now the "2021 Just Be Nice Challenge." The hope is that people who have the means to do so will give away $2,021 to local businesses.

This new challenge is already off to a great start. A family owned juice bar/restaurant in Miami was one of the first businesses to receive this generous tip from one of their loyal customers. The bill came out to $71.84 and he left $2,021 with a note on the check saying "Happy New Year!!! Always love coming here."

"We can't even begin to express how thankful and humbled we are for our amazing customers who have kept us in business," Miami Squeeze said in an Instagram post. "Last year was a tough year for everyone so we're so grateful to be able to start this new year like this. At Miami Squeeze we want you to see us as part of your family, the Squeeze Family. We are so blessed to have guests like these, who go above and beyond to support our small local business."

So I want to encourage you to bless an essential worker or business this year if you can. It doesn't have to be a whopping $2,021. You can give $21, $221, $2.21, or even $0.21. It doesn't matter!


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