There is no reason on earth why Pennsylvania needs to get so hot. I thought when I moved up north I would be getting away from the scorching heat. Yet here we are, halfway through July and the temperatures continue to climb with each day.

It may seem like it can't get any hotter than what it is right now. But trust me it can and it has.

Let's take a look back at some of the hottest days recorded in Pennsylvania history, according to Lehigh Valley Live.

1. 111 degrees - On July 9 and July 10, 1936, temperatures reached a record breaking 111 degrees in Phoenixville making it the hottest days ever in Pennsylvania. This era was called the "Dust Bowl" years, according to the National Weather Service. A heat wave swept through the United States causing more than 5 thousand deaths. I hate to say it, but I'm glad I wasn't alive during what was North America's most intense heat wave.

2. 107 degrees - Temperatures reach 107 degrees four times in Pennsylvania history. Chambersburg on July 10, 1936, Hamburg on July 3, 1898, Harrisburg on July 3, 1966 and the city of Reading on July 14, 2005. Fu fact about the July 10th date. Even though it was one of the hottest days ever record, that didn't stop Phillies player Chuck Klein from making history. According to, he became the fourth person ever to hit 4 homeruns in a single game.

3. 106 degrees - There were two times in PA history where temperatures climbed to 106 degrees. First on August 14, 1918 in Lebanon, and again on July 9, 1936 in Williamsport. Not only did PA residents have to battle the heat in 1918, but they also had to battle "The Killer Flu of 1918." To be hot is one thing, but to be hot and sick is even worse!

4. 105 degrees - Temperatures reached 105 degrees four too many times in Pennsylvania. Lehigh County on July 3, 1966, Beaver Falls on July 6, 1983, Doylestown on July 22, 2011 and Neshaminy Falls on July 9, 1936. I think every Pennsylvanian shutters when they hear the year 2011. That was the year of Central Pennsylvania's 100 year flood, according to Penn Live. Tropical Storm Lee crashed through the state destroying thousands of homes, damaging landmarks and properties, and scarring the state for years to come.

5. 104 degrees - On July 9, 1936 in Johnstown, July 1, 1966 in Philly and July 9, 1936 in Towanda, temperatures reached 104 degrees. Despite it being unbearably hot during the summer of 1966, that year is also remembered for having the best Phillies team of all time. Till this day, people still talk about the 1966 team and how special that group of guys were. I feel bad for them for having to play in that heat though. That's probably why they're considered the GOAT.

Notice how the majority of these dates fall in July which is always the hottest time of the year since w a smack dab in the middle of summertime. So far this summer in Pennsylvania temperatures have only reached the low 90s. Let's hope it stays that way because if I am dying when it only 89 degrees, I can't imagine what 111 degrees feels like.

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