Last week, everyone was talking about the most awkward decorations at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, and now they've finally been fixed. In fact, they look way more normal.

If you drive into New York City via Holland Tunnel, then you've seen the famous sign over and over again. Being that it's the holiday season, The Port Authority decorated the tunnel's entrance with a wreath and tree with festive lights. However, the placement of decorations drove people crazy. See it here:

Credit: NBC New York

After many people complained, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey conducted a Twitter Poll to move the tree over the "A" instead of the "N" and remove the second wreath that's over the "U." They got almost 22,000 votes on it!

Changes were finally made last night to make the sign look a little more normal and to make those of us with OCD feel a little better when we drive through it.

Here's video of it happening this morning from NBC New York too:

For the final result, here's a look at the side-by-side:

Credit: NBC New York & The Port Authority via Twitter

This looks much better now, right?