The Holland Tunnel holiday decorations have been modified this year.

There's probably a huge chance that you've taken the Holland Tunnel in to New York City over the holiday season and seen the decorations I'm taking about.

I used to drive through it every weekend and I don't know if it was some serious O.C.D. kicking in for me, but it honestly just rubbed me the wrong way the way the disturbed the decorations.

Like the wreath over the 'O' was cool because it obviously it's a circle and covers the 'O' in Holland, but the Christmas tree over the 'N' ... like why!? Didn't they see that it would look perfect over the 'A.'

I wasn't the only one bothered by this either.

After complaints from numerous commuters (around 3,000 who signed the petition) who traveled into New York City last year from New Jersey, they've decided to make the change and I got to say, it's actually aesthetically pleasing to my soul now.

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