A new bagel shop is coming to Princeton very soon. The Bagel Nook went on Instagram and teased everyone with some good news. The caption on the IG post said, "We have some BIG news! We are extremely excited to announce our First Franchise will be opening in January 2020!"

The Instagram image posted by @The_Bagel_Nook mentions that the new store will be opening in January 2020. No exact date yet, but that sounds EXTREMELY close.

This is definitely something to be hyped for because who doesn't love a good bagel, especially one from The Bagel Nook.

The Bagel Nook currently only has one location in Freehold, NJ, where they have been making the “craziest bagels this world has ever tasted." No, but really, they look insane. It's not your typical bagel spot.

On The Bagel Nook’s website, it states that when they first opened they wanted to start something that was extremely unique. The site shares that they "started making OreoTM  bagels along with cereal bagels such as Fruity Pebble and Captain Crunch bagels."

If anyone from The Bagel Nook happens to read this just know we have Bagel Friday every Friday here at PST. So feel free to stop by . . .  jk jk (kind of).

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