Warning, this could make you mouth start to water.

The best steakhouse in NJ has been named by Content Creator, Meg Longo (you probably know her from Instagram handle, @megthings_), and it's almost impossible to score a reservation.

I'm not surprised by Meg's pick. There's quite a bit of buzz about this place.

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It's called The Butcher's Block and it's "down the shore," as you'd likely say if you're from New Jersey.

It's located at 235 West Avenue in Long Branch. It's a butcher's shop and restaurant and from what's I've heard it's the best around.

Meg agrees...watch below.

I first heard about The Butcher's Block from my hair stylist. She told me about this super-exclusive, fabulous restaurant she had been to and you couldn't make a reservation, you have to be invited by another guest. I was intrigued. She told me her reservation was made for her by a friend who dined there and she made a reservation for another friend before she left...I wish it was me.

It looks like you can make a reservation on its website, but when you actually try to do it, its booked solid, especially on a Saturday night. You can't call for a reservation either.

Looking at the comments of Meg's post, it's getting mixed reviews, but I'm dying to try it. She says it's worth the hype. I think some people are just frustrated that getting a reservation is challenging.

The Butcher's Shop is described on its website like this: "We source our meats from trusted suppliers who share our passion for excellence from the Greater New York State and New Jersey. Our selection includes a variety of cuts, including ribeye, KC strip, filet, and more. Every cut of our beef is 100% all natural, while our pork and lamb are pasture-raised, just the way it should be. We ensure a direct journey from the farm to our family-owned slaughterhouses to our shop, eliminating any middlemen. Our dedication extends beyond quality meat; we aim to provide a 'cool, hip, fun' customer experience straight from the warehouse."

Check out the website by clicking here.

If anyone wants to help me snag a reservation, I'd love it.

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