I am a dog person. I grew up having dogs at my Dad's house and now I have a 1 year old pup named Stella, and she can be a handful, but I love her to pieces. There are days when I come home and I am completely pooped or just need her puppy kisses and she knows it. She'll lick me like crazy and for some reason, it makes me feel so much better. I think Stella would be a great therapy dog because she loves to play and I swear she is always smiling.

I think therapy dogs are amazing and I've seen them really bring happiness to others. Last March, I got to meet Rider University's therapy dog, his name was Cody, and there were so many students coming by to see him and you could just see how he affected them in such a good way.

Action News on 6abc reports, that the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, has a new addition to their staff, a facility dog named Dilly! How cute is he?

Action News on 6abc spoke to his owner, Elizabeth Olson and she said that even though Dilly just started his new position at CHOP, he already has had such a positive impact on the children patients in so many ways. Donations that were received by The Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation and Hope in the Air have made it possible for Dilly to become CHOP's new facility dog and as you can tell by his picture, he looks like he enjoys some donuts.

For more info about Dilly and see a video of him interacting with patients at CHOP, click here.

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