Have you heard of the spotted laternfly? yeah, me either. Well apparently its a very dangerous insect that spread into lots of New Jersey counties. Apparently this is the biggest invasion of these things ever!

Now the laternfly isn't dangerous to humans, but they do pose a threat to our fruit trees and crops. Therefore we are being urged to kill them spot one in our house our yard or even our car.

“If you see it, kill it,” said Dan Keashen, a spokesman for Camden County. “Those insects should be eliminated and destroyed. They are an invasive species. They can wreak havoc with the agricultural community, and they can destroy crops en mass.”

According to nj.com, officials say we should also  report their sighting to the county entomologist by calling 856-374-6042. If you don't live in Camden country but see a spotted laternfly elsewhere, you are being advised to report any spotted lanternfly sightings to the state Department of Agriculture’s special hotline number — 833-BADBUG-0 (833-223-2840) — or send an email to SLF-plantindustry@ag.nj.gov.