If you're a 90s to 2000s girl, you're going to want to listen up.  is putting on something for the boyband girlies in the Philly area and it looks like one f the greatest nights out ever. I have seen a ton of videos of friends going to different themed nights at clubs like this.

If you were an NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, 1D girl, etc. The Fillmore is putting on The Best Night Ever which is a boy band event happening next month in Philly.


So, get all of your biggest Directioners and Jonatics tickets and get ready to scream sing your hearts out all night long. The show starts at 11 pm so it's the perfect way to dance literally all night long. The boy band bash is happening on April 21st at 11.

Doors open at 10:30 so you have time to claim your spot that you'll spend all night jumping around to all of your favorite throwback hits. Unfortunately, this is a 21+ event as stated on The Fillmore's events page. The actual boy band bash will be held in their "club within a club", Foundry.


This club in side of the club itself is stocked which it's own bar, dance floor, and stage. The tickets are being sold on their website right now and are going for anywhere between $15 to $20.

Make sure to head to their website if you plan on checking this out next month because tickers are seeming to sell fast. The Fillmore in Philadelphia is located at 29 E Allen St, in Philadelphia, PA.

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