It's the first and hopefully not the last. Its not too late for you to attend New Jersey's African Restaurant Week. It runs until August 22, and I promise that once you experience African'll never want to eat anything else.

It's the first of its kind! New Jersey has never had a restaurant week completely and solely dedicated its residents experiencing the African culture. Yet here we are. And you have 23 restaurants to choose from.


My first experience having a homecooked African meal was in college. A lot of my friends were from Nigeria and I went home with them every once and a while. They would cook everything from jollof rice to bunny chow to Piri piri chicken.

Life changing I tell changing.

According to, so many African countries are being represented this week. You can try dishes made from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and more.

“It becomes a community affair, for people to get to come and experience foods they might not have tried before,” African Restaurant Week CEO Akin Akinsanya said, according to “And get to know all the people on the culture.”

A community fair is what it is indeed. If there is one thing I have learned about the African culture is that they are all about community and family. From the people, to the food to the fellowship...when in the presence of Africans, you feel nothing but genuine love.

Some of the participating restaurants include Mama G African Restaurant, Mimi African Restaurant, Sweet T’s Southern Eatery, Lagos Spot Nigerian Restaurant and more, according to African restaurant week is taking place at restaurants in Trenton all the way to Hackensack.

So go out and support these local businesses while you still can!

There is also a huge festival happening this weekend to close out restaurant week. Get all the details here!


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