Trader Joe's is one of those stores that I never used to go to and didn't understand why everyone went crazy about it. Then, once I went, I understood what the hype was about.   We used to go to the relatively new location in North Brunswick, but now that we live in East Windsor, we visit the location in Princeton quite often. Prices are great and the quality of products are always good and usually organic. I had heard of one coming to Somerset County and I knew my hometown friends would be excited about it.

According to My Central Jersey, the new Trader Joe's location, which will be Somerset County's first, will open on Friday. Since I grew up in Middlesex Borough, this Trader Joe's is about 10 minutes from where I grew up, right next to the Bridgewater Costco and OId Navy where I used to shop weekly.

For more info, check out the article from My Central Jersey.

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