If you've never been to Trader Joe's, you're seriously missing out! Their deals are incredible and there are certain foods that they sell there that you can't find anywhere else. Plus, they sell food in their stores that you can be happy you're putting into your body.

According to The Patch, Trader Joe's is expanding to Somerset County and their new location will be right next to a Costco in Bridgewater Promenade. Since I grew up in Middlesex Borough, I frequently shopped at the Bridgewater Promenade and where the Trader Joe's is going is where a Golfsmith used to be. Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy back in 2016 and Dick's Sporting Goods won an auction and planned on keeping some stores open. It's a good size space, but hey may need to "borrow" some space from the Old Navy next door. Will that mean that Old Navy will close during that time? Not sure yet! The Trader Joe's will be about 13,000 square feet and I know a lot of my hometown friends are excited that a Trader Joe's will be closer to them, since the closest ones are North Brunswick and Westfield.

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