6abc reports that for the first time, the Philadelphia Flower Show will be held outdoors. The event has always taken place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, who runs the event has decided to move it outdoors. Even though the event is not until June, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society wasn't sure what would happen with the virus and vaccines. So they are airing on the side of caution and just moving the event outdoors since this event brings thousands of people every year. For more info about the event and ticket information, click here.

More and more major events that do not want to cancel will be moving outside. I've never been to the Philadelphia Flower Show, but looking at pictures it looks extravagant. It's also a flower show, so shouldn't it be outside anyway? I'm wondering if moving forward the flower show will always be outside. It makes so much more sense. People will most likely feel more comfortable being outside in the open air anyway. I know plenty of people, including myself, that enjoyed being outside every second they could in the spring and summer since we were all cooped up in the wintertime during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The Philadelphia Flower Show may even see a jump in admission because people might be very excited about it.

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