The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot has created quite a stir every since he appeared back in September.

Many have criticized Gritty's look, saying he's scary looking, but the fans seem to really love him. Two Gritty fans, in particular, are Heather Grossmuller and Karl Schwemlein.

Heather and Karl got married on Friday in Philly and thanks to Heather's Dad, who knows she is a huge Flyers fan, Gritty showed up.

In the clip below, you can see Gritty busting through the door and start dancing. Heather went nuts, of course. Gritty even showed off his dance moves on the dance floor and the entire wedding was loving it.

That's one way to make your wedding memorable. Heather's Dad deserves one heck of Christmas gift this year. I'm sure he's just like my Dad, he'll do anything to make his little girl smile!

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