There are certainly ways to remain healthy and in shape that don't involve a traditionally dull gym routine. You may have missed the opportunity to work towards your 2018 "summer bod", but there's always time to start training for next year!  If you dread going to the gym just to miserably run on a treadmill, there is hope for a more exciting workout routine for you.. but it's expensive.

Spin Classes are a very popular workout alternative, especially in urban areas.  These classes allow you to work out on a spin bike at your own pace. You are able to set intentions for yourself throughout class while peddling to the beats of good music. Spin classes can range anywhere from $100 to $252 dollars a month at FlyWheel Sports in Philadelphia.

For it's positive results like improved strength, flexibility and balance, many are turning to Core Power Yoga for their workout alternativeWhile this variation of yoga may be powerful and intense, student's are able to breathe consciously in order to relax their mind while physically pushing their boundaries. With different classes that offer a variety of paces and temperatures, yoga is a great benefit for the mind,body, and soul. A membership at Core Power Yoga or similar studios range from $100-$160 a month.

While these are great alternatives... is there such a thing as too much working out? Not according to Leonid Spesivtsev, who just won Flywheel's Tour de Fly competition. From July 7th to July 29th, Spesivtsev attended 177 flywheel classes. and logged a total of 4,342.45 miles. Spesivtsev tells, " I was tired by the end of the whole thing, it was an incredibly positive impact on my life. I feel more energized, stronger, happier than ever before."

This made me think... could a person  become addicted to these types of work out classes? According to Psychology Today,  you can become addicted to working out. Working out in moderation is recommended...but there are certain signs to watch our for to make sure you aren't taking things too far. Someone addicted to working out could experience withdrawal. They will experience extreme negative moods if they are unable to workout. Some fitness addicts may even compromise spending time with friends and family for their exercise. While these workout classes are great alternatives, it is important to practice in moderation.  Here are a list of symptoms for someone who is addicted to working out. 

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