We live on the East Coast. Good lobster and lobster-as-the-main-ingredient dishes should not be hard to come by, correct?

I mean, here in South Jersey, we have a ton of local restaurants that serve up great seafood each and every day.

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Lobster bisque is one restaurant dish that I often search for when I'm out for a meal.

Some local restaurants serving fine lobster bisque are The Lobster House in Cape May (It is called the Lobster House!), McCormick's and Schmick's in Atlantic City, and PJ Buckets in Ventnor. (There are more great restaurants below.)

You can also get great lobster bisque at carryout seafood places, like Bob's Seafood in Northfield.

The place where I recently got the best lobster bisque, though, is going to tick off restaurant owners throughout the area. (They really shouldn't be ticked off, though, because it's a close race - I've never really had bad lobster bisque in South Jersey.)

Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash
Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash

My choice should actually say "Best lobster bisque, especially for the price, and the ease of obtaining.)

The best lobster bisque - especially for the money - is at, believe it or not, Wawa.

I had it the other day and it was fantastic. Even though it tasted freshly-made, I kind of think it's not. But, it was great! Lush, creamy, lobstery but not fishy-lobstery.

So, there you go. Wawa surprises me again!

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