Nothing is worse than looking forward to an event and then it just doesn't happen. I feel like we've been going through this emotion so much since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It's crazy to think this all started back in March and I don't think a lot of people thought it was going to affect so much of our lives five months later. I think a lot of us thought it would be like a flu season. It would be here, it would be gone and life would go back to normal. As we all saw, that was not the case and we're still stuck in what most people are calling a nightmare. Being that coronavirus cases have been dropping in New Jersey and New York, A lot of people thought many summer and fall events would take place as planned, but we were wrong. Another yearly tradition in Mercer County has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

If you've in Mercer County for some time now, you've heard of the Trenton Pork Roll Festival. It's a festival created to honor the breakfast meat that everyone talks and debates about in New Jersey and it's a great time. They have vendors there and everything you can think of that has to do with pork roll. The event was supposed to happen in May, but got pushed to September 5th. But, the Trenton Pork Roll Festival, just posted the sad news on their Facebook page and on their Eventbrite site that the event is canceled completely due to coronavirus concerns.

They plan to hold it next year, fingers crossed this pandemic nightmare is over by then. I think on Saturday, we all need to go to our favorite breakfast place and order pork roll sandwiches. Whether you like it with egg, or cheese or on a hard roll or on a bagel, we need to other some in honor of this awesome event that will not take place this year.

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