According to, the Wells Fargo Center will be getting a $15 million high-res scoreboard this summer.  The new scoreboard will have 4K screens that are 3 times larger than what is currently being used in the arena.

The new scoreboard is being described as "kinetic," which means that in addition to better resolution, it will have "a flashing-lights crown that sweeps over the main part of the scoreboard."

The $15 million cost is just a small percentage of the $250 million upgrades being made to the 23-year old arena.  And although $250 million is a lot of money, says that estimates to tear down the existing arena and build a new one would cost around $750 million.

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According to Wikipedia, the Wells Fargo Center is the 10th oldest arena being used for NBA games.  The arena has gone through several name changes.  In addition to the Wells Fargo Center, it has also been known as the Wachovia Center, the CoreStates Center, and what many Philly fans liked to refer to as the "F U Center," the Wells Fargo Center.

By the way, if you're worried that the new scoreboard will block your view at concerts, don't worry.  The new board will primarily be used for Sixers and Flyers games and it will be "engineered to retract into an existing compartment in the roof" when not in use.


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