I have lots of interests and like to work various part time jobs. One of them was working with the XFL for their second season which took place in February 2020. My position was with the New York Guardians and even though we only got to work two home games, it was an extremely fulfilling experience as I got to work as a production assistant, side by side with the on field host, Chuck. So what is the XFL? Back in 2001, a football league was created called the XFL, which was a football league created to fill the void of football after the Super Bowl. The players would be semi pro and the league would be focused on fan experiences as well as a different kind of football game. The league was started by the CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon and unfortunately the league only had one season. Earlier this year, Vince McMahon tried to kick start the league again and unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the league only played a few games. The league filed for bankruptcy and we had heard they would not return and Vince McMahon said he would not be involved even if it did. Back in May, I found out that even though the XFL filed for bankruptcy, there still may be a chance for the XFL to come back because there were investors interested in purchasing the league. I hadn't heard anything else since then. That was, until yesterday.

ESPN reports, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and a group of investors has purchased the league for $15 million. Once they get through a bankruptcy hearing on Friday, plans for next season will move forward. From the article I red on ESPN.com it seems that the investors want to get all involved who were previously running the league. I think that's a great idea, since I know personally, the people who ran the New York Guardians were rock stars. Another factor of this league doing well, is obviously the pandemic. Will it be over by the time the season is set to begin? Last year, the season started in February, so if there is a vaccine by February 2021 and or if fans allowed at the games again, the league could be very successful. It wasn't lack of interest in the league that killed it this year, it was the pandemic. The amount of money that was put into it, and then having to cancel the season, forced the league into bankruptcy in my opinion. I think that the fans will flood stadiums because there hasn't been any fans allowed at sports stadiums even though baseball, basketball and hockey games have resumed. So, I believe that the league could be successful for the 2021 season.

So maybe I will get to be back at Metlife Stadium working for the New York Guardians this year. Fingers crossed!

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