Did you know that the first Theraplay, Inc., outpatient center in New Jersey was opened on Jan. 13 at 39 Emmons Drive in Princeton this year? The company, a pediatric occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy provider has set up shop in town. Opening up an almost 4,000 square feet treatment space, Theraplay has created a comfortable environment for patients of all ages to take therapy.

The location will have specific areas dedicated to feeding therapy, concussion and orthopedic rehabilitation, sensory processing sessions and a large open gym area. Children from infants to high school athletes can come in to be treated.

Founded in 1991, Theraplay opened its first pediatric outpatient center in Malvern, PA. This newest addition of the Princeton location will make Theraplay’s fourteenth therapy center. The goal of the pediatric therapy centers is to maximize every child’s potential through a play-based approach to therapy. Their one-on-one, individualized plan caters to the needs of each unique child’s needs.

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