I am not a cat person. I am allergic to cats, but I am also just more of a dog person. I grew up having both animals, mostly dogs at my Dad's house and cats at my Mom's house when we lived with my Grandma. I'll never forget those cats. Their names were Marge and Popcorn. Marge thought she was queen of the house and Popcorn was scared of her own shadow. They were okay, just not my cup of tea. My Aunt Michele also had a cat named Cinder and that thing was mean and hated everyone accept her. But, boy did my Aunt love that cat. I mean, I get it, I have a 1 year old pup named Stella, and she can be a handful, but I love her to pieces.

A have a few friends who have cats and they are so obsessed However, cats aren't everyone's cup of tea, so it may prevent them from finding love. Well now, there's a new app called Tabby, that can help cat lovers, find love with a human. Fox News reports, the app is like any other dating site, but you're encouraged to upload pictures of them and their cat. They can use their app or website, and hopefully find someone who loves cats as much as they do. Users can even set up dates where their cats meet. So if you know any cat lovers whoa re looking for that special someone, point them in the direction of this app.

For more info, check out their website, or this article from Fox News.

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