In a world where we never know who to tip, and how much is appropriate, I've been thinking about some workers who not only deserve a tip, but, a big one (especially in this cold).

As I sit here, toasty warm, inside, I can't help but feel for these hard working people, who despite the frigid temperatures lately, are out in the cold, working for us. It can't be fun.

Here are the people who I think deserve to be tipped, especially in this cold.

1. Firefighters. I read that Trenton firefighters were battling a vacant house fire on Sunday night, when the temperatures were in the single digits, and the wind not only didn't help the fire, but, sent the temperatures into negative digits. Bravo, you deserve a tip.

2. Police officers. In a perfect world they could just drive around in their heated cars all day and night, but, any sensible person knows that's not true. Tip worthy.

3. Healthcare workers. No matter what the weather and conditions they go to work, while a lot of people are home, cozy with their Netflix. Doctors, nurses, nurses's aides, therapists, hospital kitchen staff, maintenance workers, and everyone in between. They have my utmost respect and gratitude.(*Not weather related, but, the nurses and aides that have to empty the bed pans, oh my, you're all my heroes, your tip should be tripled. I could never do it.)

4. Delivery people & postal workers. More and more people are shopping online, which means more deliveries. I've watched the delivery people in my neighborhood dart in and out of their trucks, trying to dodge the wind gusts, most of the time unsuccessfully. Yikes. Definitely tip worthy....and bonus, maybe a warm cup of hot chocolate.

5. Road Crews. Whether it's a burst pipe from the cold or a giant pothole (get ready for them, ugh) because of the plows, these people are out there busting their butts. There should be a bucket next to the site, so as we pass, we can throw coins into it...that's not a bad idea.

6. Utility Workers - You think it's cold on the ground, I'm sure going up in those buckets to fix a power line is no picnic. I'm getting cold just thinking about it. Thank you.

7. Dog Walkers. These poor people are probably rethinking their side hustle now. My friend's dog is one of many, I'm sure, that needs a daily walk, a couple of times a day too. Just sending her out the back door to do her business isn't good enough. I don't think I have a jacket warm enough that would let me enjoy a walk outside now.

8. Drive Thru workers - Maybe some people do tip these people, but, when I go through the Starbucks line, the jar is always empty. Half of their body is out in the cold, constantly, giving you your order. A lot of the time, those drive thru lines are wind tunnels, and when I get to the window, the poor workers teeth are chattering, but, I'm always greeted with a smile. You rock...I guess a Starbucks gift card wouldn't be a good tip. Lol.

9. Toll Takers - There are still a lot in the area, despite EZ Pass. Same reason as #8. They're not shielded from the cold completely. I know we give them a lot of money, but, they can't keep it. Lol.

10.. Crossing Guards - Warriors. All I'm going to say is I bet those cute, reflective vests aren't heated. Oh yeah, a tip would be great.

11. Tow Trucks Drivers. You may have been one  of the unlucky ones who have had car troubles in cold weather. Well, your car doesn't get hooked up, chained, and lifted onto the tow truck on it's own. Yup, deserve a tip.

12. Construction Workers - They have project deadlines. The job must get done. There are contracts in place with clients who won't budge. Time is money. The job must get done. I feel for them in the summer heat and muggy NJ days too.



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