Numerous beaches in NJ have been tested and were flagged as unsafe.

Swimming in some of the beaches could even lead to illness.

OMG! Gross.

Environment America Research & Policy Center had tested beach waters across America in 2018 including 365 in New Jersey and 133 of the New Jersey beaches had received results of unsafe levels of contamination on at least one day, says

Yep, I would plan the rest of my trips to the shore this summer with caution.

Here is's list of the top NJ beaches ranked by the number of days that test results were flagged for unsafe contaminated waters for swimming.

  1. Beachwood Beach West: 14 days, 64 percent
  2. Belmar at L Street Beach: 11 days, 52 percent
  3. Berkeley Township at West Beach Avon Road: 8 days, 42 percent
  4. Brick Township at Windward Beach: 8 days, 36 percent
  5. Highlands at Highlands Rec Center: 8 days, 42 percent
  6. Berkeley Township at East Beach Station Avenue: 7 days, 28 percent
  7. Barnegat Light at 25th Street: 7 days, 41 percent
  8. Upper Township at Beesley's Point Beach: 5 days, 24 percent
  9. Long Beach Township at New Jersey Avenue: 5 days, 33 percent
  10. Ocean Gate Borough at Anglesea: 5 days, 25 percent



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