Hopefully, you're not like me. I wait until the last minute to figure out my Halloween costume. In fact, Halloween is just days away, and I JUST figured my costume out.

So if you're costume-less or just curious to know, I found a list of the most popular costumes in Mercer County on NJ.com.

The most popular costume this year? Expected to be a zombie cheerleader.

The findings come from an analysis of popular Google searches for Halloween costumes across New Jersey. The others that made the list across the state included an unicorn, a devil costume, and characters/skins from the video game "Fortnight."

In fact, the Fortnight costume was the one costume search that most popular for the whole state.  If you want to see what other costumes made the list for each county in NJ you can click here.

So Mercer County, I wanted to help you out with your zombie costume. I am adding a video below if you want an easy zombie cheerleader makeup tutorial. In fact, there are tons of videos on YouTube to help you with your costume.

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