The most wonderful time of year has arrived, and so is the pressure to get the best gift one can buy for your children.

Because all you do for them already isn't enough, right?

Here are some toys that Amazon predicts will give your children bragging rights during the holidays:

|Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit| 

Building a Lego set with your friends and family is always a lot of fun, especially during the holidays.

The $100 dollar Lego set contains 878 pieces. The kit captures the journey of Harry Potter arriving to the Hogwarts Great Hall for his first year at the school of magic.

I love Harry Potter anything. 

Actually I take that back. Harry Potter jelly beans are gross. While I don't recommend eating Legos, I'm sure they are even better tasting than the Harry Potter jelly beans.

|What's That Smell?|

I'm not talking about your Aunt Debbie's overbearing perfume.

"What's That Smell" has players guess the item on a card while closing your eyes and using only your sense of smell.

The catch: If you guess wrong you will have to take a big whiff of a "Stank" card, which includes extra old toe cheese, and hot chunky vomit.

Aunt Debbie's overbearing perfume isn't smelling so bad after all., huh? 

|Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn|  

Kids go absolutely crazy over slime. Not too sure what the appeal is here...

Poopsie Slime stuffed animal unicorns are $50 dollars on Amazon 

|furReal Munchin' REX|  

This super interactive toy is wired to make 35 different sounds and movements while kids are able to feed and care for the baby dinosaur.

|L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise|

These L.O.L surprise dolls are super popular collectibles.

This limited edition pack includes over 60 unique collectors dolls and accessories.

The collectors pack is currently being sold online at Target for $89.99.



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