Potholes are awful! I've had my fair share of incidents where I've driven over them and they've given me a flat tire. It's like you never see them coming, but you feel the damage.

I think everyone in the Northeast would agree that after the Polar Vortex that came through our region, it was nice to have a 60 degree day. However, this "seesaw" weather may be causing a negative effect on our roads. AAA reported that drivers will spend on average $600 a year for repairs on their cars due too potholes! That's insane! They also reported that this year, will be another expensive one for drivers when it comes to pothole damage. Experts say that because of the weather going from the extreme cold to warm causes the potholes to form. Then they just expand. So why can't your city just fill them? Well, not only do potholes cause motorists money, but they cost money to repair. Well, obviously it costs money to repair them with labor of workers and materials, but also, when a polar vortex comes to town, it is not safe for workers to be out trying to fix them.

So watch out for those potholes or make sure your auto insurance policy is a good one. But don't blame your city the next time you hit one, m they're trying their best to fix them all, blame the polar vortex!

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