So I have lived in this area for all of nine days, and I already feel like I've had a complete culture shock. Almost each and everything about both New Jersey and Pennsylvania is something I'm not at all used to. Before moving to Bensalem, I lived in Roanoke Virginia; a super small town with like one mall and two decent restaurants. So you can imagine how excited I am to be smushed in between New York and Philly with some pretty cool places in between.

Here is what I've observed about this place in the week that I've been living here:

1. You don't pump your own gas in New Jersey??!! Yall make a girl feel like royalty over here!

2. The Jug handles confuse the heck out of me. I'm currently that annoying driver that drives super slow and looks super lost because naturally I want to make an easy left turn...but I can't???

3. You guys LOVE your sports teams. I was wearing my Dallas Cowboys hoodie while wearing errands the other day, and lets just say I will never do such a thing again. I want to make friends not enemies.

4. You all know how to shop! Everywhere I turn there's another mall or shopping center. I live two minutes from Neshaminy Mall, twelve minutes from Philadelphia Mills and I pass Quaker Bridge Mall in Princeton on my way to work every day. I love love love it!!

5. There are SO. MANY. TOLLS. Never in my life have I been hit with as many tolls as I've been in my short time here. It's INSANE. I went to New York this weekend and may or may not ever drive again just because of how much money I spent getting to and from there. I'm learning how to avoid certain tolls on my commute from work, but to New York...I may have to hop on the train.

All in all, I'm excited to be here. I'm excited for new beginnings and new adventures. I'm sure I'll never stop learning new things about this area.


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