How about these summer storms we've been having? They're crazy right? A few nights ago, the storm that came through brought hail, high winds and lots rain. I actually lost power for a few hours and it was okay when it was light outside, but once it got dark, I realized, I may be in trouble.

So I did some research and found a few websites that suggest things to have just in case the power goes out due to weather and my husband and I are definitely going shopping for some fo these items this weekend.

  • Flashlights and make sure they're one in every room because you never know where you'll be when the power goes out.
  • Batteries for flashlights because obviously.
  • Matches or candle lighters to light candles if you have any. These can be a fire hazard especially if you have a puppy like me, so make sure they're out of reach.
  • Battery powered lanterns in case you don't have candles and want to keep a room illuminated all night. These are much safer.
  • Propane for your grill if you have electric & you need to cook something. Also, sternos help with that as well.

I will definitely be going shopping this weekend and with all the summer storms we've been having, I suggest you do too.

For even longer power outages, there are some more things you should invest in. Check those out here.

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