There is a new app that is picking up a lot of traction that is being called an "Uber for your eyeballs." Its called Mole and its literally your own personal private investigator. Mole came out in July and allows users to live stream different locations from their phones.

As crazy as it sounds, the founder of the app, Avery Pack, said Mole gives “people the ability just to see something simple through someone else’s smartphone.” I'll start with something wholesome to give you a better explanation. Say you would like to see if there is a crowd at the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia because you were thinking about going for a jog. You would be able to log onto the app, and be connected with an "agent" who would live stream the steps for you through their phone. Cool huh?

Or maybe your boyfriend said he is going for a walk in the park and you don't all the way believe him. Through the app you can see if he's really there or not. And yes, the mole to agent relationship is completely anonymous.

According to NY Post, a 19 year old man from Manhattan received a request from a mole to check and see if the statue of Christopher Columbus was still standing following a Black Lives Matter protest. The 19 year old accepted, went to the statue and stood there and live streamed for the mole.

That's how this app works. It currently has 5 thousands users and is growing every day. According to NY Post, it costs  $1.50 for the connection between mole and agent, and then an additional 50 cents per minute for streaming. And yes, you can make money by being an agent.



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