The artist know as, Matt Farley, has written over 80 horrible but entertaining songs about towns in New Jersey. At first, I thought Matt had to be a Jersey resident to be that committed to writing so many songs about the Garden State. But I was wrong. After reading more about Matt on I learned that he's not from NJ at all. He's actually from Massachusetts.

Since I grew up in Trenton and now live in Hamilton, NJ I had to hear both of his songs about them. His song about Trenton is titled, "Oh Yeah, Trenton, New Jersey. Wonderful Place." Some lyrical moments I'd like to highlight are:

"Oh yeah I'm talkin' bout Trenton"

"It's the capitol of New Jersey/Trenton makes the world takes, oh yeah"

Matt's song about Hamilton is titled "Hamilton Is a Fine Township in Jersey." Some of my favorite lyrics are:

"It's a very nice township yeah yeah yeah yeah"

"Hamilton township/It's America's favorite hometown/It's a very good place/Yeah yeah yeah yeah"

"They got a lot of zip codes"

If you live in Pennsylvania and you feel left out. Don't worry! He wrote songs for Pennsylvania like "Best Song About Philadelphia" and "Please Listen to This Song About Lower Makefield Township."

If you love these songs, you can request Matt to create you a custom song for just $44. He said he usually gets requests to create songs for family birthdays or to create theme songs for dogs.

These songs may seem like just jokes, but Matt makes money off of his music career. He even caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon and sang his original song “Used to be a Pizza Hut” live on the "Tonight Show."

Read the full interview to learn more about Matt and his music here

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