Being one of the most iconic arcade games of all time, Pac-Man is one of the most played games in video game history. A lot of people have played the game a few times, but some people like Bucks County native, Jake Goldberg, take his love of Pac-Man to a new level.

The game hit arcades on May 22, 1980, and he is the 11th person in the entire world to officially get a perfect score on the game.

If you didn’t know the perfect score to get in a game of Pac-Man is 3,333,360. The first person to achieve this record was William “Billy” James Mitchell Jr., back in 1999.

You may be wondering, how does someone even get a score this high?

Jake Goldberg explains during his interview with ABC news that “to do it, you have to eat every dot, every energizer, every bonus, and every ghost when necessary.”

He also shares that the important part is that you can’t die at all during the entire game, even though you get multiple lives giving you multiple chances to complete the game.

He has been initiated into a super-elite group of players who are called the “perfect Pac-Man players’. He explains that he started playing the game on April 14, at around 10 pm, and didn’t finish his perfect scoring game until April 15 at about 2:15 AM.

He says he memorized all of the patterns of all 256 levels after the 4 hours and 12 minutes it took him to complete it. It’s the one-year anniversary of his huge world record.

Goldberg now says that he plans to break the record for the game Galaga next by hopefully entering tournaments so I'm sure we'll be hearing about that high score record being broken too.

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