Bricco Coal Fire Pizza in Westmont, NJ was just ranked the fourth best pizzeria in the nation by

Finally! New Jersey is getting the flowers it deserves for its amazing pizza. For far too long people have pushed aside the Garden State when it comes to listing the best pizza in the United States.

States like Connecticut and New York love to scream that their pizza is better than everyone else. But as we all know, the best isn't always the loudest in the room.

“Coal fired pizza produces the most wonderful char on the crusts, and with all pies at Bricco baked in their custom 1,000 degree coal fired oven, you can expect pure perfection,” BigSevenTravel writes. “They use ingredients from the local farmer’s market alongside Italian San Marzano tomatoes for toppings that are out of this world.”

This isn't the first time this shop was recognized either, by the way.

According to, back in 2018 Bricco was named named the best pizzeria in Camden County in their annual rankings.

I personally think now more than ever it is important to support local businesses. So when you get the chance go taste one of the best pizzas in the nation. It's not everyday that New Jersey gets recognized for good things.

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