Autumn is officially here in New Jersey and it’s the perfect time to round up the troops and have a wholesome day drinking event.

There’s something about the crisp fall air in New Jersey that makes you want to put on your favorite flannel and head out for some beers and appetizers with your friends on the weekends. Well, for me at least.


There are a ton of breweries in The Garden State that will all provide amazing beer and an amazing atmosphere, but there is one brewery in particular that beer lovers need to try. According to Trip Advisor, the top-ranked brewery in the entire state can be found in South Jersey and I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Cape May Brewery is the top-ranked brewery in the entire state.


Cape May Brewery is a super popular brewery in the New Jersey area and is famous for its beers, hard lemonades, and hard iced teas.

I would say it’s arguably the most well-known brewery in the entire state and with that popularity, comes great reviews. According to Cape May Brewing Co.’s site, since 2011, Cape May Brewery has become one of the largest and most acclaimed craft breweries in the region since opening.

If you’re looking to get your friends together for some delicious beers in a beautiful town, Cape May Brewery is for sure the place to go! Cape May Brewery is located at 1250 Hornet Road in Rio Grande, New Jersey. Visit their official site here for more info.

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