Let's be honest. Did you really go to an apple orchard if you didn't take a bunch of pictures and post them on Instagram? Same for the pumpkin patch. Every weekend during the fall I see at least 10 posts on my social media timeline of girls in leggings, boots, and flannels posing for selfies on the gram. Pics or it didn't happen, right?

So if you're goal is to find the best apple orchard in Pennsylvania where you can take the cutest pictures to match your Instagram aesthetic, look no further. I have found the cutest apple orchard that will surely get you a lot of likes.

Solebury Orchards is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Not only is it the best apple orchard in Bucks County, but it is one of the best in the entire state. The orchard is simply beautiful. It sits on many acres of land that is filled with beautiful flowers and fruit.  They have a cute little market where you can purchase already picked fruit, or you can go out in the field and pick your own. This particular orchard is especially known for its apple sauce and apple cider.

You have to hurry! This orchard is in its last two weeks of the season. It officially closes on November 7. The orchard is open Thursday through Sunday. Reservations are required for weekend visits.


I recommend visiting the orchard around a golden hour for the best picture lighting. The orchard closes at 6, so arriving between 4 and 5 will give you the time to scoop out the area and find the best picture-taking spots.

Have fun!

Address: 3325 Creamery Road, New Hope, PA, 18938

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