Breakups suck. They're even worse when they are completely unexpected.

Luckily we are in that time of year when the least amount of breakups happen. According to Marie Claire, the end of July and the beginning of October statistically have the lowest number of breakups. We are entering Leo season which is filled with passion, so hopefully your current relationship is on the safe side as of now.

But sometimes love fades and the passion dies and it's just time to move on, no matter what time of year it is. The dreaded "talk" is something no one looks forward to. More and more people are having these conversations over the phone nowadays. This generation has seemed to chicken out of having face to face conversations that may be uncomfortable. Instead we take the easy way out and break someone's heart over Facetime or text.

But there are still some decent people out there who choose to end a relationship the right way. And believe it or not, it happens out in public more than you would think.

Did you know that one of the most common place people get dumped in Philly is on South Street. The drama that occurs on that street unbelievable as you can imagine.

South Street is the most popping place in Philly with bars, clubs and restaurants everywhere. Drunk people can be seen breaking up every single weekend. It isn't rare to see a couple having a full out screaming match either.

The Starbucks on South street is especially a hotspot for breakups. A former Starbucks employee told WPST that it isn't uncommon to see couples end their relationship over a cup of coffee.

Honestly the street is cursed, so I would advise to avoid that street with your partner at all cost.


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