Chicago has always been looked at as the place with the highest crime rates and the place that no one wants to step foot in. People often associate Chicago with guns and death and unnecessary killings. I always tell people I don't ever want to go to Chicago because I'm afraid of what could happen. Well unfortunately as of recently the city of Philadelphia has passed Chicago in terms of crime rate. According to 6ABC, the city of brotherly love now has the second-highest murder rate in the country. So much for staying safe.

It's no secret that crime has been exploding in Philadelphia. The events over the course of the pandemic and lockdowns have a lot to do with it. According 6ABC, the police protests over the George Floyd killing singlehandedly shot the crime rate through the roof. While things have settled down a lot since then, its still important to always stay on guard in certain areas of the city.

According to Newsbreak, Tioga-Nicetown was just named the most dangerous neighborhood in Philly. For those who never been down there let me paint a picture for you. The neighborhood reminds me of Fishtown. You walk around the block and you see residential areas, shopping spots, areas where people trap, playgrounds and more. I was in that area to get my hair braided recently and it never appeared to me like an overly sketchy place to be. But apparently the crime rate is wild. According to Newsbreak, Tioga-Nicetown's crime rate is 272 percent greater than the national average. Had I known that I have a 1 and 11 risk of becoming a victim of crime in that area, I would have found somewhere else to get my knotless braids done.

My boyfriend knows people who live in Nicetown and he says he has heard so many stories of people getting robbed and stabbed in allies. So with that being said, I would advise you to not be stupid like me and never go to that area alone. Always watch your surroundings and be safe!


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